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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hellfire Club Erotique Box Set #Excerpt 4 from Devil's Pawn

I've released my Hellfire Club series as a box set on April 7 and thought I'd  post a short excerpt from each story before then. This is from Devil's Pawn: A Hellfire Club Erotique.

“While I don’t doubt your skill,” he responded with a sly smile to, no doubt, indicate Trent’s skill in bed. “I’m afraid this mess is entirely too messy.”

Crossing the room in two strides, Trent gripped Graham’s chin firmly and raised it so there could be no doubt as to his meaning. “The messier the better. These sorts of challenges intrigue me.”

His voice was hard—he didn’t want Graham to misunderstand anything he said. Trent couldn’t be certain why. Yes, he was attracted to the Englishman, wanted him again in fact. But they’d barely met and now he’d volunteered to help the man out of whatever caused him to be marked for death.

Trent relaxed and offered an easy smile. He wanted Graham, and intended to have him again. And despite the fact he enjoyed a challenge, this felt more than that. He didn’t want Graham’s body damaged. He’d rather enjoyed that body.

“I’m certain you relish challenges,” Graham said as he dressed. “This isn’t something I’d foist on an enemy much less a lover.”

Trent grabbed his arm to halt his actions. Graham let him, didn’t so much as raise a inquisitive eyebrow at the movement. “I want to help. And you are not in any position to turn down assistance unless…”

He trailed off and released Graham’s arm. He didn’t resume dressing, but watched Trent with eyes that fluctuate between amusement and…interest.

“Unless,” Trent added and stepped back. “You truly want to become acquainted with the hangman’s noose.”

Look for the box set with The Escape (m/m/f), The Masque (m/m/f)Aycliff's Vow (m/f), and Devil's Pawn (m/m)! 
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