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Monday, April 7, 2014

Hellfire Club Erotique Box Set release!

Now available in a box set! My four previously released Hellfire Club Erotique books: The Escape, The Masque, Aycliff's Vow, and Devil's Pawn. All set during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror. All part of the mysterious, and erotic Hellfire Club.
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The Escape
Gabrielle thought her lovers had been beheaded and it nearly destroyed her. Now engaged in an effort to save herself from the same fate, she finds them again. But with National Police after them, and years spent apart, will Gabrielle return to her lovers? Or will all three of them face the wrath of Madame Guillotine? This is an 18,550 word m/m/f ménage set in Paris during the French Revolution Reign of Terror.

The Masque
Caught up in the Reign of Terror, Olivia Reynard fled to the notorious Hellfire Club and the two men who had promised to keep her safe. But when old enemies exact vengeance, will the three of them survive long enough to find love? This is a 31,000 word m/m/f ménage set in Paris and the surrounding countryside during the French Revolution Reign of Terror.

Ayciff’s Vow
Callum, the Earl of Aycliff, is not a man to easily give up and he’ll use that relentless drive to find the only woman he’s ever loved, Elizabeth Darton. He’s vowed never to give up on finding her, and even if he has to use the infamous Hellfire Club to succeed, it’s the one vow he’ll never break. This is a 26,000 word m/f set in England during the French Revolution Reign of Terror.

Devil’s Pawn

Malik Trent and Graham Rawley follow the trail of death and deceit surrounding Graham, only to learn all the secrets certain members of the Hellfire Club have fought—and killed—to keep hidden. Trent won’t allow Graham to be the next to die, but will he be the target instead? This is a 28,000 word m/m set in England during the French Revolution Reign of Terror. 

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