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Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Thursday: Wool dryer sheets

I haven't used dryer sheets in a while, several years or so, ever since I read an article about how they contain cancer-causing ingredients.

This has its drawbacks. Like static cling. Which makes my hair do all sorts of flyaway things that look ridiculous if you're not a model in front of a wind machine.

I had read about wool dryer balls, but I'm lazy and it's taken me a while to remember to stop at the fabric store for wool. I finally did and followed these (pretty) simple directions on making my own wool dryer balls.

No, I didn't scent mine. I don't like scents that close to my face all day, and often toss my tops in the dryer to get rid of puppy hair. (She's a corgi=she constantly sheds!)

One of my favorite all natural websites, DIY Natural, has How to Make Wool Dryer Balls directions, which I dutifully followed. I used my time wisely: I made the wool ball while watching the newest episode of Broadchurch--it didn't require much concentration and I got caught up on such an excellent series!

You Will Need:
  • skein of 100% wool yarn (NOT wool labeled “superwash” or “machine washable”)
  • scissors
  • pantyhose
  • blunt-tipped needle or crochet hook (I own neither so used an old pair of hair chopsticks I never managed to use correctly)
  • string or cotton/acrylic yarn (to secure the wool ball in the pantyhose)
I recommend going to their site and following their directions. They have photos, which are very helpful!

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