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Monday, April 20, 2015

Writing update: Regency Romance

I'm finished the next in my Regency Romance series, formerly titled Desperate Woman, and it's off to the editors. Still working on that title!

I did a lot of research for this story. It does have courtroom drama, of the 1817 variety, and I not only don't know a lot about British law (except for TV) but I know nothing about Regency law.

All right--mainly I watched Garrow's Law, which is an excellent BBC series about William Garrow and his efforts to reform the British judicial system. And it took me a while, but the actor who plays Garrow, Andrew Buchan, is the actor who plays Mark Latimer on Broadchurch, which I absolutely adore.

A short blurb:
The daughter of a successful merchant, Selina Lyndell never expected to marry an earl. But that's exactly what's about to happen. But then it all falls apart--her father is convicted of murder and hanged, vicious scandal follows her like a second shadow, and Selina herself is hunted.

Edmund, Earl of Granville, isn't letting Selina go without a fight, be that on the streets of London, at the Old Baily, or against the ton's vicious gossip. Nothing will stop him from clearing the family name of the woman he loves. Or of getting her back in his arms, where she belongs.

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