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Monday, April 13, 2015

Writing update: Regency Romance

I've finished editing the first in my new Regency series. Title still to be determined. It was Ruined Woman, but that no longer fit the story. I have a couple floating around.

But I finished editing it, it's back with my editor now for final edits then off to the lovely woman who does my e-book conversion. I hope to have it ready for publication by May 7 but will definitely announce it in advance.

Here's a short blurb:
Two years ago, Isabella Harrington followed her heart to Milan and never looked back. One year ago, the man she thought she loved abandoned her. Now, she must find her own way back to London not in disgrace, but victorious.

Jonathon, Duke of Harcourt, isn't necessarily looking for a wife, but he can't resist a good wager. If he wins, Isabella becomes his mistress. If she wins, he marries her.


  1. Like the blurb. Also like Ruined Woman, but I can see that it doesn't fit. Oh well. Save the title for another book!

  2. Thanks, Cara! I might, titles are about as difficult to come up with as names. Some fit--others, not so much!