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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Killer Valentine

This is the blurb for the story I finished up for Ravenous Romance's Valentine's Day ménage anthology. I intend to take these same characters and write a full-length, set in Hawaii. I've already started to plot that story out, tentatively titled Killer Vacation. Not sexy enough? I'll work on that.

If they weren't tracking a serial killer intent on adding unsuspecting tourists to his list, FBI agent Jareth Reese would have found Valentine's weekend in beautiful snow-covered Aspen much more pleasurable. But he and his team barely have time to sleep, let alone indulge in an erotic getaway with each other.

Always a strong man used to getting his way, Jareth won't let one serial killer stop him from forcing both Tony and Sophie to submit to his every command. Though their ménage is new, and the three of them are still exploring their boundaries, he molds them to his will as he teaches them much needed lessons in submission.
In a gorgeous mountain cabin, Jareth indulges in his lovers, but their bond is tested as they confront evil, their own inner demons, and Jareth's intensifying need to control them both. When they follow a killer deep into the forests will they all return or will one be left behind?

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