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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wickedly Wanton Excerpt

Wickedly Wanton: a Regency Ménage Tale


Her shift lay on the floor, torn beyond repair. With a shrug, Sabine walked back to the bed, oddly comfortable with her nudeness, and found Faith’s shift.

Her friend was still asleep—arms thrown wide, naked legs open slightly, the remnants of chocolate, heavy cream, and strawberries on her skin. Licking her lips at the memory of Faith’s juices and strawberry, Sabine slipped the shift over her head. Taking a moment, she studied Faith.

Until that day by the stream, she had never thought of her friend as anything other than that. Certainly not a lover. And certainly not a woman who wanted her. Though she was sore, Sabine felt herself growing wet at the memories of Faith’s lips on her, tasting her most intimate secrets.

Lord Severn had ordered Faith to do things—kneel before Sabine, kiss her—but had not touched her. No, even as he watched Sabine kiss Faith’s chocolate-and-cream-covered breasts, he had reserved that solely for her.

Leaving Faith to her sleep, Sabine silently exited the room. She wanted to know where Lord Severn was, when he had slipped from the bed, and why.

Wandering the hall, she took her time examining the paintings. Several were clearly of ancestors; the men had the same long nose and penetrating deep brown eyes as Aiden Merryck, Marquess of Severn. The women, hmm, no she couldn’t detect any resemblance to the Merryck women’s soft features and laughing eyes.

Maybe around the lips—they all had full, sensual lips. While Severn’s lips weren’t full, they were sensual. And oh, how he knew to use them!

Shaking her head at her thoughts, she moved on, past the ancestral paintings to the pastoral settings. She skipped the wood nymphs and their teasing flight from the aroused god, but stopped before a girl pumping water from the well. Her master stood in the doorway of his house with a look so hungry, so sensual on his face, Sabine shivered.

She understood that now, understood that look and all it promised. Licking her lips, barely aware of the movement, she remembered Severn inside her. Taking her virginity, making her feel things she was unaware existed. She wanted him again, despite her body’s tenderness.

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