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Monday, September 17, 2012

Seduction of my Proper Wife excerpt

From my new ménage series, Victorian Ménage at the Parisian Exposition. While technically this could be called book 1, all 6 books are connected only through the Parisian Exposition of 1889 and as such can be read alone or as part of the series.

Seduction of my Proper Wife: A Victorian Ménage at the Parisian Exposition

The curtai
ns fell behind them, shrouding them in privacy.

Aria sat on a cluster of pillows, higher than the ones beneath her. Lillian began to sit beside her, but Aria stopped her.

“No, Lillian,” she said and motioned before her. “Sit here.”

She spread her legs open, the kaftan bunching between her legs. Aria bit back a moan as Lillian slowly sat before her, the material of her own gown rubbing her intimately. She tugged it higher so that Lillian pressed against her bareness. However, Lillian remained still, holding herself away from Aria, who wanted none of that. Not only did she want to feel Lillian between her legs, this was the next stage in the English beauty’s education.

Pulling her against her, Aria whispered, “Relax, Lillian. Breathe in deeply and breathe out.”

Her hand stroked one of Lillian’s hands, and she rested her chin on Lillian’s shoulder. “Look at how I touch you. Watch our hands together.”

With her other hand, she stroked up Lillian’s left arm, moving the sleeve of the kaftan up as she did so.

“Look up, Lillian,” Aria whispered, mouth against the other woman’s cheek. “Watch through the curtain.”

The curtain was open now, her friends having done so specifically for this. Aria hadn’t needed to cajole them to agree to such an exhibition of love and sex, they were more than happy to comply. But then they were also open to almost anything anyone suggested.

Still, Aria felt it important to show Lillian how it could be between two people; in this case two women. She’d learn soon enough what her husband felt like as he moved within her, but only another woman knew where and how to touch, to tease, to arouse.

They wore the sheer fabric most of the women wore when not dancing. The openness of their private rooms allowed that. Salama and Kit kissed each other, hands moving lightly over the other’s body.

Aria felt Lillian’s breath catch, but she didn’t move. For a moment, Aria wondered if she breathed at all. But then she released her breath in a long, slow whoosh, and Aria knew she was captivated by the sight.

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