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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: Star Crossed

Back in July, I hosted Kele here for a quick blurb and excerpt about her latest, Star Crossed. Then I thought, wow, this sounds like a great book and I must read! For those who missed July's post about Star Crossed.

Let me start off by saying I don't do UFC or MMA. Nope. But man, this story is HOT! And well written. And completely captured my attention. I hate to write a review with spoilers, I think it's unfair to the reader, so let me say a couple things I think will make you want to read this story as well:
  • Characters are well-written and intense.
  • Sex scenes aren't repetitive and are nicely done.
  • Despite my dislike of UFC/MMA, I didn't feel bombarded with jargon and description of the ins and outs (like I sometimes do with a Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum book) This was the right mix of information and keeping the story moving.
  • I'm a total sucker for star-crossed lovers. Completely. It's one of my favorite romance troupes, and frankly Kele Moon does it perfectly here!
  • And no...despite the names (all too much frankly and a bit too heavy-handed but eh, I can overlook that), I enjoyed the play between Jules and Romeo.
  • Loved the use of modern technology that didn't seem overdone, which was all too possible, but it added to, not detracted from the relationship build-up between the lovers.
  • Good secondary characters, but I'm not sure yet. Could be my love of Romeo took away from everything else.
  • Not a fan of a prologue that then goes into a first chapter 5 days earlier, but I supposed Ms. Moon wanted to start us off with hot sex. I can live with that.
  • I can do without all the dirty-talk, but I'm sure other readers like it and it did seem to go with the story as written.
  • Alpha men. Alpha women. (with a little of the same-old/same-old misunderstandings tossed in)
The back story might have made a bit more sense if I'd read the first Battered Hearts story, but didn't detract so much that I was lost. And oh, yes...I'll be picking up Defying the Odds. All in all, I give this a 5 star review for holding my attention, teaching me about I subject I completely lack knowledge of, and interesting me enough to pick up her other books.


  1. I have really enjoyed following this tour. Every review is wonderful so I think this series is a must read.

  2. I'm not a UFC/MMA watcher either, so I was wondering if I could relate. Good to know!


  3. Thank you for sharing an honest review! I've actually never read a book about UFC/MMA... But I'm really looking forward to reading this series!


  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I don't follow MMA so it is good to know I wouldn't be lost

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com

  5. I like a couple of UFC books but I have never been able to bring myself to watch it. Glad to hear how hot this one is. Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time time read and review! I'm so glad you liked it!!



  7. HOT and well written work for me. A comprehensive review thank you.


  8. Great review. I like UFC so this one sounds great.