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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you and #goals

First I'd like to thank all our Armed Service Vets. Technically, the actual day was yesterday with the cease fire happening at 11AM on November 11, 1918. However, it's being 'observed' today. No matter, my thanks remains the same:

Without you, the life and freedom I enjoy today wouldn't be possible. So I offer a very heartfelt and gracious thank you!

Now for my goals: Taking this week to flesh out my Edwardian story, it needs a little something more and I have to figure that out before I continue on. Set in 1910, the m/f/f story is heavy with Edwardian themes I loved in Downton Abbey, but still needs a little...sexual something. Before I get to the sex.

Instead, I worked more on the 2nd in my Victorian Parisian story, Wicked Seduction, my m/m/f story. And I'm quite pleased with that progress!

Gotta go where the story demands. Here's a little peak at chapter one from Wicked Seduction: A Victorian Menage at the Parisian Exposition:

Le Grand Hôtel de Paris
June 1889

Victoria Scott suppressed a shiver of accomplishment as she looked around the room. She suddenly felt like a legendary female adventuress; a woman who donned a pith helmet and sought out the unknown in farthest Africa. Of course, her unknown was a ballroom in Paris, but that was enough adventure for a girl of nineteen.
In the last week, she’d escaped her father’s household in England to their townhouse in Paris and hadn’t once looked back. She didn’t care what the servants thought or what her father said or did once he’d finally discovered her missing. If he even bothered to see what she did once his latest business venture was completed.
She was in Paris and free. To be sure, leaving for the Parisian Fair had been an audacious move, especially when she’d taken only her lady’s maid as whatever meager chaperone the poor girl provided.
Now, sipping champagne and looking around the private gathering in Le Grand Hôtel, Victoria smiled again. That wildness in her had never been tamed, much to her father’s regret. No one ever dared to try and control her.
She wandered to the windows and looked out at the Seine. Electrical lights illuminated the scene before her. Opening the French doors, Victoria looked out and towards the fair where even more lights shone. It looked as if the entire world had brightened.
Breathing deeply of the fragrant air, Victoria closed her eyes and laughed. Turning to survey the room, she spotted several friends enjoying themselves and raised a silent toast in their direction. And then she spotted Peter.

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