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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cold season

I've caught something. Which, now that I type that and knowing what I write, might not be the best start to this post. By caught, I mean I have, and by something, I mean a cold.

Just a cold, not the flu, or bronchitis, or pneumonia. I know this because I've had all those and this is just a cold. Sleep and sleep and chicken soup and sleep should cure it but when does sleep factor into anything the week of Christmas? huh.

A friend sent this article to me about the common cold, and while I like OJ, and drink it every day, I may have to look into echinacea.

What I'm reading: The rest of the stories in Passionately Ever After: Erotic Fairy Tales. Got sidetracked with plotting and baking and shopping and wrapping and such. But now I'm on Alice by . A treat to myself.
Amber Kallyn

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