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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Edits are out! Woot! (Ok they went out yesterday afternoon...)

That was really cool, I didn't realize how many grammatical errors I had. Rather embarrassing, but then I guess no matter how fine your fine-toothed comb is, you're bound to miss something

What's left? I guess just waiting for it to be published. When I have a date, you can be sure I'll post it ASAP. :) In the mean time, I'm dividing my time between my Christmas food planning and plotting another book.

Since I know December won't be spent writing, it's a little more relaxing to spend my time working out the plot of my next book. Also a Regency, I'm thinking this time it'll be m/f/m. Possibly in France, yes, I definitely think so. Two French officers enchanted with the same woman.

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