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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Keeping up with the months

In this case I feel the need to say What? It's December already?! When did that happen?

Then comes the panic: I have deadlines! I have Christmas shopping to do! I have baking to do! I have less than 25 days to do all this in!

Then comes reality: Just like every other year there are things that are going by the wayside. Whichever side that happens to be.

  • Christmas cards? Probably not

  • Christmas breads? Well, I'll have cookies. Isn't that enough?

  • Days spent strolling down sidewalks, window shopping? The sad reality is that no matter how I support buying local (which I wholeheartedly do) that, too, may fall to the wayside in favor of online shopping. Luckily, many of those stores also have sites. And I intend to shop there, first!

Good news? I'm motivated to start shopping earlier next year. And this year, I plan to substitute more gifts with more donations. Like to the National Parks Service.

Now about those first Hellfire Club Erotique story is soclose to being done! A good edit and a quick copy edit and it'll be set for publication. Then it's a 50,000 word Regency Ménage Tale tentatively titled Covet. That deadline is New Year's Eve. Gulp.

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