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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I've joined a new social networking site

And I have very little clue how to work it. It's called Triberr. TWO Rs for those counting.

This was yesterday. I've barely looked around it, have no real idea what is involved, and have seemingly been locked out of the account.

For clarification, I don't blame Tribber. The developer emailed me a couple times to help me through this, but since I tried to log in at exactly the wrong time (during that one key second of the final install of an upgrade) it messed everything up.

I'm excited to start using Tribber, but will patiently wait for everything to be sorted out. I have every confidence it will happen shortly. But until then, I'll use twitter as I always have. Or have for the last month + I've been on Twitter.

Until then, if you want to know more, try here and here. One warning: There's a lot of white space between the top banner and the content. Don't know why, it took me a while to realize the page loaded correctly.

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