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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What do you expect from a series?

Continuity and yet new and exciting plots? Recurring characters? An overall plot? Do you read specific series for the world an author has created or the ever changing plots? The big end game? The good vs evil?

Continuity. By this I'm talking about the world. It's the little things that matter, right? But what if a hint of those little things had been introduced in previous stories? Would that be acceptable? Little clues to mysteries and such.

But what about the characters? Do you like to see characters from previous books make cameo appearances? Or do you prefer more substantial roles? Or do you even prefer a series of books following a couple?

Now personally, I like a good over-arcing plot. I like to ferret out details, the mystery, the whodunit of a longer story. My problem is when an author elongates the mystery for the sake of sales. Now, as an author myself, sales are important. But as a reader, don't cheat me.

What are your favorite series? What do you like to see included in one?


  1. Hi Kristabel,
    I love to write and read series. For me it's the continued look at the characters lives that keeps me coming back. Look at Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. The main characters from the first books are still making appearences keeping you updated on their romances as well. In my Brazen Sister series the family unit is a side focus to the main plot of each story, but I love being able to lace that characters throughout each book.

  2. Rita, you're absolutely right! I love knowing what's going on with characters I've read about. It's like real life--you always want to know what's happening. In stories, you get all the good stuff with none of the bad. :) Unless it makes for a really great plot!