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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Sexy Regency

Or why writing menage stories in the Regency era is so much fun. I'm not the only one. I once heard a comment that went something like The lack of the death of the Regency. It's too true. Even big mystery writer P.D. James has a new release (at 91 years of age!) called Death Comes to Pemberley.

But what attracts readers and writers to this time? And if it has so many more social restrictions, why is the Regency sexy? Amelia Grey, author of An Earl to Enchant, did a post on this for Love Romance Passion. In it she states in #7:

The love scene in a Regency is like silk and satin, a falling of clothes
so gentle and grand, it's like the reader is a part of the fabric that ties the scene together. There is a definite feeling in a Regency when the hero and heroine succumb to the moment they know they must be together. There is no greater element of sensuality and romance. Now, that moment we've been waiting for as our hero finally touches our heroine, we let out our breath and savor the feelings we get as we read onward.

This is very true, but on a deeper level, I think that it's also the eroticism of fooling society. The thumbing one's nose at the old gossiping biddies and having everything (and everyone!) you want without being ostracised from society. Or worse, put to death. Because same-sex sexual relations was punishable by death.

Photo from Regency Revisited header. I absolutely adore it! And it's so true. If you get the chance to take a peek around their site, please do so, they have gorgeous fabrics there.


  1. I agree - I love regency era romance from sweet to hardcore erotica! ;-) I'll have to check your book out - a regency menage sounds pretty cool.

  2. Thanks, Morticia! But it's true that even the sweet Regencies (which I haven't read in ages) hold the same appeal. I just love the time, I suppose.