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Monday, October 15, 2012

Why writer's conferences matter

This past weekend, the New Jersey Romance Writers had their annual writer's conference. This is a 2 day event with socializing, food, goodies. (I found this awesome squeezy brain in hot pink with the author's information printed on top. If you're wondering what a squeezy brain is, it's one of those stress-reliever squeezy the shape of a brain!)

It's also a place where writers talk, meet other writers, and learn. I know what you're thinking, writer's conferences are for writers, hello! I'm a reader what do I care? Here are a couple reasons why these conferences are great for writers and readers alike.
  • When writer's learn about things like plotting, pacing the plot for maximum impact, and writing in a certain point of view, we write better.
  • When writer's write better you have a story to read and better enjoyment for your money.
  • When you better enjoy the book you've just read, you let people know about it, thereby introducing a potentially new reader to this author's work and helping them enjoy it as well.
  • Now this can also create new friendships, since you and this potential new reader can then compare books read, TBR, or TBB.
Imagine the possibilities! And all because a writer went to a conference, learned something new about writing her latest story, added it into her work to make it that much better.

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