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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#WickedRomanceGIVEAWAY Wednesday Regency: Food and Risque

Several months ago I went to the New York Public Library to research through their nifty online database Regency cookbooks. You have to go to one of the buildings, can't remember which one, and the database is available only in-library. If you're interested in this, then it's worth it.

The cookbook I downloaded is from 1802: The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined: comprising ample directions for preparing every article requisite for furnishing the tables of the Nobleman, Gentleman, and Tradesman by John Mollard, Cook. The link takes you to the Google Books preview if you're interested. I had to paste the recipe as a .jpg. I hope you can see it!

Risque: A Regency Menage Tale 

She felt like a girl in her first season—giddy with expectation, fascinated by a man whom, by all rights, she should stay as far away from as possible. Alix tried to steady herself. But she couldn’t get his note out of her mind. Couldn’t forget his tongue on her, his fingers within her.

And she wanted that again. Wanted his body beneath her, at her mercy. Wanted the power she had over him, the wantonness she felt with him.

The door opened, and Alix waited. She needn’t have worried, Kane had followed her. He closed the door quietly behind him, flicking the lock as he did so.

“Rather presumptuous of you, Mr. Huntington,” Alix said, breath coming too fast.

“Presumptuous, perhaps,” Kane admitted with a wicked grin, “when I followed you to your townhouse two nights past. Or when I knelt before you and tasted your arousal.” He walked forward, predatory grace in every move.

Alix’s heart pounded harder, mouth dry even as moisture pooled between her legs. She licked her lips, and Kane stepped closer.

“Or when I made you climax so hard you fainted in my arms. Locking a door,” he continued, a step away from her, “is hardly presumptuous. I’d say.” Kane reached out to caress the tops of her breasts, shrewdly covered today. “It’s even prudent.”

Amused by his answer, honest and lighthearted as it was, Alix couldn’t stop the bolt of arousal heating her blood. “Caused me to faint?” she repeated. “You think very highly of yourself, Mr. Huntington.”

“I do,” Kane readily agreed. “Especially when you shout my given name. And I heard it pass your delicious lips more than once when you lost that precious control.”

“Kane,” Alix whispered, body pressed against his. She cupped his cock, already hard for her, and stroked him through his breeches.
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