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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy (Meaningful) Valentine's Day!

If you do a quick search for Valentine's Day, you'll see that a flower shop is #1 closely followed by the obligatory Wiki article, the movie on IMDB, and a History Channel article. But an article I stumbled upon on Huffington Post may be the best thing out there. This line ought to convince you: I see time and again how the pressure to conform to cultural ideals of romance and the emphasis on consumerism can leave us feeling depleted both financially and emotionally.

So instead of flowers or chocolates, how about:
Valentine's Day is also an excellent time to think more expansively about love and how we can give back to our communities. Instead of buying traditional gifts, couples can choose to support a non-profit that embodies their hopes for the world. If you want create and sustain a harmonious relationship, you could consider making a tax-deductible donation to a domestic violence shelter on behalf of love for all.

This Valentine's Day consider helping another. It can be with a kind word, a little less impatience in line, a monetary donation to a favorite or new charity, or even spending time--valuable, meaningful, alone time--with loved ones.

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