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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekly #Goals

I'm happy to say that this past weekend was super productive!

I finished Forbidden Road: A Havenbrook Ménage Series. By finished, I mean it's done, but certainly not edited. In fact, I think I changed one of the hero's eye color half-way through. Must fix that! And I'm positive I managed to mess up another defining characteristic or two for all 3 of my characters. Plus I need to change the name of a secondary character to one that does not begin with a G. Garret is a great hero's name, but Grant doesn't match the secondary character needs to go.

This week I want to take a couple days and not think about this story but then start to edit it. I love this book and the concept I have for the next 2 in the trilogy, but need to flesh out book 2 a bit.

Also on my weekly goal list is more exercise. I've slacked due to this plaguing cold, but need to get back into it. Just because it's freezing out there doesn't mean I shouldn't exercise! I'm told it helps with your body heat, but my body didn't get that memo. As I type this, my fingers are blue. Literally. I need a nice cup of hot tea to get me through this day. At least one.

Have a great week! And remember: Some people strengthen the society just by being the kind of people they are. John W. Gardner

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