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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kharisma Rhayne and her Highlanders

Thanks so much for allowing me to snag a spot on your blog for a little overtaking with some Highlander yumminess.

Today I’m going to share an excerpt from Episode 1.
I hope you’ll join Breandan and Auralee on their journey.

            Kaeden couldn’t believe it. He finally had a date with Auralee and she just wanted his cock. Normally it wouldn’t be an issue, but he wanted more with her. He’d always thought she would be his one. The one he was meant to be with. Sometimes it takes a while for those meant to be together to finally hook up. But he really thought this was his chance. Should he sleep with her? Should he tell her what he really wanted? How would he convince her that his feeling didn’t have anything at all to do with her brother?
            As he shoved the last bite of his pizza into his mouth, he thought he should say something. “Auralee, I had thought maybe this would be different. I kind of thought maybe we could be more than a few rounds of sex.”
            “What do you mean? You never see anyone more than five or six times. It’s one of your rules. Remember?”
            “I see your brother told you that. It is, generally. But not when I’m getting a chance with the woman I’ve wanted to be with since I was old enough to get excited over a girl. Come on, Auralee, does it really have to be that way between us?”
            Kaeden noticed that Auralee visibly choked. He watched as she took a few gulps of her soda.
            “Kaeden, what are you talking about? Me? You’ve wanted me? Why didn’t you ever say anything?”
            “I thought Trystan would tell you not to date me. But I’d be good to you.”
            “I don’t want a relationship. I’m sure you heard all about me and Mr. Loser. After him, I swore off men completely. I haven’t even had sex in seven months. I can offer you sex, Kaeden. Take it or leave it.”
            Kaeden knew his jaw dropped open before he could stop it. With any other girl, this would be perfect. But, not with Auralee. He always thought she’d be his Auralee. “Maybe I could renew your hope in men? He was an asshole. We aren’t all though.”
            “Sure you are. What you did to all those other girls was being an asshole. Any idea how many cried and felt used? I’m agreeing to it. No hurt feelings. No Trystan to explain to. Two consenting adults having sex and then going on with their lives as they should. There’s no harm in it. Honest.”
            He listened to the deafening sound of the silence that fell between them. Did he apologize? She was right. He did look like a worthless sack of crap.
            “Auralee, I could apologize for the crude behavior. But, the truth is, I’m not sorry. I didn’t want those girls. They were sex while I waited for you. I always thought we’d pair up. Your brother is my best friend. It just always made sense. Maybe I could get some time away from training and go to Scotland with you. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a little fun in with it? Maybe we could have sex by the Standing Stones.” He gave the smirky smile that always got him what he wanted, hoping like hell it would work in this case.
            “Are you serious?” He watched in almost horror as Auralee became furious, half wondering if he should duck from the things she just might pick up and throw. Trystan had always said she had a temper. “No. We can have sex. Or not. The choice is yours. Yes or no. Now.”

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