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Monday, April 15, 2013

10 Things I love (or maybe 3 things)

The other day I watched something (can't remember what) which isn't the point. The point is that we had to think of 10 things I loved that weren't family, friends, pets, etc. Ten things? That I loved?


Ok, so 10 things. I mean I like my things and all but love? Hum. Pretty strong words for items. I came up with 3. Yes, 3. Three items I love and can (but don't want to) live without.

1. My Disney thermal hoodie. What? It's warm, versatile, and flattering. What isn't to love? It's missing one button which I kept for ages swearing to sew it back on until I lost both the will to do so and the button itself.

2. My car. Perfect size, it fits in any parking space and contrary to outside size it holds lots of stuff. I've moved twice in that car and it's never let me down.

3. Sneaker inserts. Apparently flat feet really is a condition and yes, it hurts to walk long distances. Went to the podiatrist, got these cool inserts (on e-Bay, so much cheaper!) and haven't had a problem since!

Your turn: What do you love that falls inside the rules laid out above?

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