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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Regency: What I love about the era

It's popular, let's face it. And secretive, though not as easy to get away with things as people often think. All those servants and delivery boys going in and out makes it hard to keep a secret. Too many eyes and ears. Which makes it weird that the gentlemen and ladies spoke as if their servants were deaf and mute. Like they didn't hear the upper echelon's gossip and share it with their own society.

So what do I love about the Regency?

  • The clothes. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in those tight leggins? Yeah. Women's gowns were beautiful, flowing, and to die for.
  • The manners. They knew how to insult you with the most polite turn of phrase.
  • The place settings. I wouldn't want to set the table and sure as hell wouldn't want to clean up afterwards. But as a guest, to sit at one of those elaborately set tables with footmen serving me and endless wine and food? Perfection.
  • Secret Societies. There were all sorts of secret societies from the erotic to the economic. But they make for fascinating reading! I used The Hellfire Club for a short series but there are all sorts. With the rise of the coffee shops and the gathering of men (and women) interested in activities not merely following the current crowd, Secret Societies gained power.
  • The fact that everything that happened in the Regency Era led to all the inventions of the Victorian Era. So much of what we refer to Victorian Inventions started because of the interest in science during the Regency Era/
What about you? What makes you come back for more? The ton? The Napoleonic Wars? The thought of Mr. Darcy in your bed?


  1. I read someone say they have a "hard" time with the dialogue because they always write "please" when talking to servants ... but would they have done that?

    And where's this pirates menage book? Delish!

  2. The 'please' is for us 21st csntudy readers. No one would have said please to a servant.

    Pirates are yummy! :) Hence the menage book. Because 2 pirates are better than 1!