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Monday, April 22, 2013

Excerpt: Risque: A Regency Menage Tale

  Risque: A Regency Menage Tale

“I must apologize, Lord Rowan for my brashness. I had been led to believe something untoward had occurred.” She offered a sincere smile. “Please forgive me; I’m only here out of concern.”
Rowan took her outstretched hand and kissed the back of it. “I’m honored to be the recipient of such concern, Mrs. Prescott. There’s naught to forgive.”
Curtsying again to him in farewell, Alix turned to leave. Did Kane truly lie or did Rowan simply not admit such a thing to her? She had no way of knowing the truth. She hadn’t gone but a couple steps when Rowan’s voice stopped her.
“There was one thing.”
Rowan didn’t continue and Alix turned to face him. His smile was downright wicked and she felt a flush of arousal.
“Oh?” she asked, hoping her voice sounded more curious than breathless.
“Mr. Huntington assisted me as I changed into a new vest.” Rowan’s smile didn’t abate with this cryptic sentence. “He commented as to your preference in colors, how you preferred darker tones to brighter ones. I knew then who it was you played your games with.”
“A game,” she said, more harshly than she intended, “you should never have fallen into the middle of.”
If possible, that smile turned even wickeder. Arousal pooled between her thighs, shocking her. Not only because she’d never considered Rowan anything other than a diversion to her game with Kane, but because Alix still very much wanted Kane.
Rowan stepped closer to her, voice dropping seductively. “I don’t mind being in the middle. In fact,” he added, lips a breath from hers, “that would be a rather prized place to be, between you and Huntington.”
Scandalized, aroused, Alix froze where she was. Rowan didn’t attempt to kiss her, nor did he move away. His green eyes bore into hers, holding her in place. She licked her lips, another vision of the pair of them together sending a bolt of need through her so powerful she could almost taste it.
“Then Kane didn’t lie,” she managed. “You and he…engaged in sexual relations?”
He moved closer, still not touching her and Alix suddenly wanted him to. “I admit, I have a touch of libertine in me.”

4.5 Cups from Coffee Beans and Love Scenes:
I couldn't stop reading this wonderful tale of sex and wicked desire. The characters truly came to life through wonderfully written characters who shared their trains of thought at will keeping the reader entranced and yearning for more.

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