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Monday, April 29, 2013

Future stories: Poll

I have several stories coming out in the next few months, and several I'm in the process of planning/plotting/writing. But I have a couple ideas running around my head and can't decide on a direction.

Would you rather see...
1. MMF (menage where everyone has sex)
2. MFM (hetrosexual menage where the men don't have sex)
3. MF (a super erotic one)
4. MM

I'm thinking of returning to the Regency Era, I had so much fun with that time period and might do some short stories there after I finish up my current projects. Thoughts?


  1. A super erotic mmf or mm in regency era please ...
    Laura from Florence

    1. You know, Laura I think a super erotic Regency mm would be interesting...hmm, thinking. Yes I think that would work nicely!