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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Sexy Regency: Excerpt

The Masque: A Hellfire Club Erotique:

Warning: explicit m/m scene.

Sebastian, le Comte de Courville, pounded into his lover. Anger unabated at the news of Louise’s death, he tried to block out the last time he saw her, mere weeks ago when she told him of her foolhardy plan. Sebastian moved faster, pounding into Julien, hands digging into the other man’s lean hips as he took his sorrow and rage out on his lover.

Julien shuddered beneath him, hips thrusting back to meet Sebastian’s punishing pace, and he knew the younger man was close to losing his prized control. Sebastian moved faster, harder, determined to break Julien’s control, to hear his lover’s groans of release, to feel him break beneath him. He growled, unable to restrain the sound that escaped him.

Shaking the hair from his face, he felt his own need wind tighter and tighter. Something from the doorway of his private rooms caught his attention and he looked in that direction.

What made him do so, Sebastian couldn’t have said. Through the haze of passion he saw Olivia standing there. She watched them with wide eyes; a flush stained her cheeks and Sebastian could see her chest heaving with every breath.

She watched Julien with rapt attention, brown eyes widening as she stared at his body. Sebastian continued to move within Julien, his own orgasm coiling tighter as Olivia watched him thrust in and out of his lover. Then her gaze moved, and he saw the reluctance with which it did so.

Olivia met his gaze, her hand raised to her décolletage and rested lightly on the swell of her breasts.

He wanted her.

Seeing her there, riveted to he and Julien enjoying each other, Sebastian wanted her. Desire for her slammed through him. Her eyes continued to hold his and Sebastian saw a myriad of emotions.

Sebastian faltered his movements, though his body screamed for release. Olivia stood there, beautiful, naïve in the ways of sex, and utterly enchanting because of it. He wanted to beckon her in, invite, entice, her to join them.

Her look wasn’t the normal lust-filled gaze of so many in the Club and he hadn’t expected it to be. Olivia’s gaze held a surprised curiosity, an innocence he couldn’t seem to resist.

Beneath him, Julien shifted and Sebastian glanced down to see his lover also looking at Olivia. She met his gaze, then Julien’s. Without a word, turned and fled the room. Sebastian had the strangest need to follow her.

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  1. fascinating description of the relationship between the characters