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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Goal #4

Am now over the hump of hating this weekly goal thing. It was a small bump in my road. Course so was this cold. (It's not bronchitis!) I can barely concentrate on typing in my password in, let alone word count.

1. Finish act of Covet: A Regency Menage Tale. I separate all my stories into 5 acts, no matter the length, and am nearing the end of Act 3. I so wanted to have this story finished and out by now, but I've been sick and it's not so easy to write when you can't breathe.

2. Review stories I've read while sick. I understand the value of reader reviews and would like to offer reviews for the books I've read. I'm not so good at this, but my goal this week is to write reviews for at least 2 of the stories I've read and post them on GoodReads.

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