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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Sexy Regency: Men

What different kinds of men in the Regency era were there? Loads, but just the obligatory rogue/rake. Those are fun, don't get me wrong, but there are plenty of others out there.

The Buck: The man's man, spirited and sexual. Think Errol Flynn, the handsome debonair man who men wanted to be and women just wanted.

The Beau: Didn't have to be handsome, but did have to be fashionable. Which meant more then than it does now. He needed a certain something-something...think Brad Pitt, a certain swagger and desire for attention.

The Corinthian: Fashionably sporty. Because every man needed fashion, let's face it. Think Iron Man competitors or Johnny Weismuller (of Tarzan fame). Athletic and dashing.

The Dandy: Leader of fashion who spoke of it ad nausea. Yeah, like Beau Brummell. In fact, he was the Dandy's king. Clean clothes, exquisite tailoring, and leaders of fashion, not followers.

The Nonsuch: The epitome of the well-rounded man. Fashion, sports, a leader among men. People defer to him in all things. George Clooney. Nuff Said.

Pinks and Tulips: I do not make these up. They did! Honest. A Pink showed the height of fashion and a Tulip dressed exceptionally well. Georgio Armani.

The Fop: Almost exactly like the Dandy, but loved to talk and talk and talk, and had ostentatious adornments like Elton John and Liberace.

The Fribble: Not the milkshake, but more like an effeminate fop.

Bartholomew Baby: Tawdry or gaudy clothes. Maybe Steven Tyler from Aerosmith? Possibly yes.

Coxcomb: Foolish and concerted. Or foolishly conceded fop. Take your pick of any politician or ego-centric actor.

All information came from Georgette Heyer's Regency World by Jennifer Kloester

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