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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Sexy Regency: Passing the time

Think all Regency past times were cards, balls, carriage rides in Hyde Park, or picnics? Think again. Oh, those were definitely the highlights of the era, but there were also outdoor sports men and women enjoyed.

And no, I'm not just talking about a quickie in the woods! Mind+gutter people...Ok, I'm not just talking about that! I'm also talking about how simple pleasures such as the above mentioned can also be enjoyed much like today. Card gambling, secret looks between illicit lovers across a crowded ballroom. Secret rendezvous in Hyde Park, the to-be place to see and be seen.

The question is, how to take a seemingly innocent activity, such as a returning soldier and a ball to welcome his return home, and make it so very different from Georgette Heyer's idea of Regency?


Our dear soldier, Grayson, has returned from France and Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. He's returned to his title, his estate, his childhood love, Charlotte. And carries with him the secret affair he had with his best male friend, William.

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