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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Claire Adele

Today's guest is Claire Adele with her latest sexy release, Guardian of Her Dream. Haven't read Claire? You should, her menage stories are rugged, sexy, and paranormal. What more need I say?

Texas Inspiration for Guardian of Her Dream by Claire Adele

My Texas family settled in Central Texas in the early 1800’s near San Antonio. In the late 1800’s, my great grandparents moved to West Texas and the rugged desert mountains where I live. I love the mountains of this area where we have our home in the foothills.

The first story I wrote when I was in first grade concerned a little cloud sitting on top of the mountain. However, when visiting Central Texas, I’ve noticed clouds are most often not as sharply defined as they are where I live. I’ve also noticed when visiting Central Texas that the hills are different and not as high as the Rocky Mountains in West Texas. But Central Texas has many intriguing things such as moss hanging from trees that stand with their roots in slow moving rivers.

One evening near the old family homestead in Castroville, Texas, just outside of San Antonio, I noticed shadowed trees with long strands of moss hanging from them in a bend of the Medina River. The picture was impressed on my mind of two men talking in the faint light of dusk beneath the tall trees, the moss surrounding them like dark cloaks. This inspired the background for scenes in more than one of my recent werewolf stories.

Although Guardian of Her Dream takes place in the rugged foothills of West Texas, the bad boys in the story are from Central Texas where they live and work on family owned ranches. I had so much fun writing their story. I hope you enjoy them, too.

As the oldest son in his ranching family, the weight of Rafe Wolfgang's responsibility to protect his family and friends is made heavier by his belief that he failed to protect his best friend, who fell from a cliff and died. Now he craves Darlene's love and must protect her.

Lucky Wolford was bullied all through school because of his weight. Overwhelmed, he confided in Rafe, who dealt with a harsh father. Sharing their problems made Lucky see he was worthy of respect. Now mature, he's lean, strong, confident—and crazy about Darlene.

Darlene Lovejoy has sworn to never marry a man who would dominate her. Since she's taken in Rafe and his brothers and friends while Rafe recuperates from his roll down a steep cliff, she's begun to fall for the fun-loving guy and his sexy friend Lucky.

When the Hawks threaten to kidnap Darlene, Rafe and Lucky must tell her they're werewolves, though they could lose her love.

He growled softly. “God, that was amazing, babe.” He raised his eyelids halfway and smiled at her, clearly satisfied.

Speechless, she gazed at him. She had never experienced anything quite like that before. “You’re the one who is amazing. I’ve never…”

“Neither have I. I’ve never come that hard before.”

His soft-voiced confession stunned her. She didn’t know what to say to that. Suddenly she felt much differently toward him. What happened? Where did they go from here? She didn’t have a clue. She didn’t know what she wanted to do about this obvious connection with him on a sexual level. She needed to think about this. He shifted as if he knew somehow what she was thinking.

“Come on, babe. Let’s dry off and have a drink.”

“Okay.” Her answer sounded weak to her ears. She didn’t even mind him calling her babe. Their relationship had taken a huge turn. She hoped it was for the better. He took hold of her hands, and she closed her fingers over his.

Blocking the view of her from the house, he helped her to her feet. He covered her bared breast with her top, eased her bikini bottoms up around her naked hips, and helped her up the steps. He walked with her over to the lounge chairs, where they grabbed their towels, and he dried off and stretched out on a lounge chair. She dried off and stood there, still in shock from what had just happened between them.

She wanted to escape to her bedroom. “I’d better shower off.” She needed to come to terms with what she had just done.

“Are you all right?” He reached toward her.

“Yes, I’m fine. Go ahead and stretch out and relax for a while. It won’t take me long.”

“All right.” He leaned back on the lounge chair. “Wake me if I fall asleep.”

“I will.” She headed for the house and the privacy of her bedroom and shower.

Lucky was standing at the window beside the den doorway.


  1. Thanks, Claire for stopping by! I know you're having internet problems today but come on by any time.

  2. Kristbel, thanks so much for having me on your blog. Here's hoping you get this. :-) It was a pleasure to blog with you!

    Claire Adele
    aka Jeanmarie Hamilton