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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Cowboy Lust

I decided to review each story in Cowboy Lust individually, which may have been a mistake as I'm reviewing as I read so I don't forget anything. Problem is I'm not always able to log into the blog to record my thoughts! We'll see how far I get with this.

If you want to know more about the stories and authors, check out the recent blog tour.

Things to remember: These are short stories, so naturally character development and the HEA is a tad rushed. I'm good with that, knowing they are short stories.

Riding Double: Not the author's fault I had contemporary-shock when I started this one. I'm so used to historicals that the modern dialogue threw me. That aside, I found the first scene confusing between the sisters, Danica and Colleen--I'm positive the scene was in Danica's view, but the tags and internal thoughts didn't always flow that way. All in all, not a bad introduction to the anthology. 4 stars

Under the Southern Cross: It's the accent. No, I didn't listen to this story, but in my head I imagined Hugh Jackman reading it. Even if it was in the heroine's first person voice. Ever see the movie Australia? That's what I pictured here. My only complaint was the stilted dialogue. The background was expertly executed and the internal thoughts smooth, but the dialog never really flowed. 4.5 stars

Banging the Cowboy: Annie really should have coshed her cousin over the head with her drumstick, but other than that, well done. Sure, the cowboy's sudden change of heart was a little too sudden, but as I said, a short story. All in all, very enjoyable with enough kink to foreshadow the rest of their relationship. 5 stars

Ladies Love Country Boys: "What the hell was it about cowboys?" What indeed. City girl out of her element with a hot cowboy to help her while away the hours. Hot, sexy, and just about perfect...with a heavy teaser for a bit more. Yum. 5 stars

Drought: All in first person with little romantic or sexual development in favor of internal thoughts. The sex was hot, but the story left me feeling a little flat. 3 stars

Roped: The sex was hot and the story well written but I have no idea what the problem was between Regan and Jonas. Why was he still mad at her? Why wait 10 years? No idea. 3.5 stars

Rough Stock:
I really loved this one. I suspect because it was told from the hero's view, and you could really feel Dawson's love and fear for Kennedy. Alternating between now and the previous day, everything about it worked. 5 stars

The Ranch Hand: For an unconventional woman Charlene sure did conform a lot. I have to say this one left me cold and unconvinced. And the ending didn't really work for me, either--though it was a surprise (one I should have seen coming granted). 2.5 stars

Mixed about this one. On one hand I found it stereotypical, trite, and cringe-worthy, it's clear from Tommy's view (the story was in the hero's POV) that he really did love Bethann and that came sharply through. Plus I loved their sex setting. :) 3.5 stars

The Storm: Brent deserves better. I admit to skimming this one and for that I do apologize to the author. But I couldn't get into this one no matter how many times I re-read the opening scene. I suspect because Candice should have known better and was too stupid in those opening scenes (for no reason!) for me to really believe anything else. 2 stars

Caught Unawares: Best friend's little sister stories are classic and the girl going after who she wanted all worked. An historical woman who knew her mind and wouldn't let something like a man's misplaced honor get in her way. I enjoyed this one; a perfect match all around 4.5 stars

Some Like it Dirty: I like the city girl out of her element story--Jenna however is a snob and the stereotype of the all-too obvious city-girl ick moments rubbed me the wrong way. Especially for someone in a profession where she should know how to hold her tongue. Trent was worth it, though. 3.5 stars

Raney’s Last Ride: I did not expect this story. But I really did enjoy it. Raney is an interesting character and the story, without giving anything away, ended exactly as it was supposed to end. 5 stars

Runaway Bride: Hmm, the Daddy reason was thin but I did like the reason for stopping the wedding, how to say this sans spoilers? I liked Sammi Jo's reasonings, but the daddy thing was strange. Very. 4 stars

She Don’t Stay the Night: I liked the Spanish angle of the story, but the Spanish itself was a little hard to follow given how abysmal my own Spanish is. Nice and sweet story. 4 stars

I love me a hard cowboy :) Who doesn't? An anthology well worth the read.


  1. Thank you for such a well written and inclusive review. I look forward to reading these short stories...and you are right....who doesn't love a hard cowboy...ummm.

    Elizabeth Knightbridge

  2. I really did enjoy the majority of the stories and who knows, every reader is different. You might like those I didn't so much.