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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nightfall by Robyn Bachar

I love being a romance writer, but I’ve always been a bit squeamish about writing sex scenes. When I first started writing my erotic space opera Nightfall, I had no intention of trying to publish it. I wanted to write something fun without the constant worry of whether or not my readers would like it. But the more I worked on it, the more I fell in love with this book. So I shared it with my critique group and beta readers, and they loved it too. I thought, what the heck, I’ll send it to my editor.

Much to my surprise, she offered me a contract. Suddenly I’d somehow become not just a romance author, but an erotic romance author, because Nightfall is a M/F/F ménage. It has epic space opera adventure with space battles and laser gunfights—and steamy romance between Captain Carmen Hawke, her crewmate Dack, and his new mate, Talena.

When I saw the Samhain RedHots!!! tag on the blurb, I almost swooned like a Victorian heroine with a case of consumption. Red hot? My book? Yup. Though I’m still a bit bewildered about how I got here, I couldn’t have told this story any other way. Dack, Carmen, and Talena complete each other perfectly as characters, and I loved telling the tale of how they learned that. I could never separate them (they’d only yell at me if I did, and I try to keep the voices in my head happy).

So now I’m an erotic romance author, and I’m rather okay with that. I haven’t swooned once while writing the sequel.


Her heart says “never”. Her body says “now”.

When a wounded runner stumbles into her workshop, sculptor Talena Spenser’s comfortable, quiet life is shattered. Aiding the escaped slave risks losing more than just her freedom. She is in phase, when Cy’ren females are overwhelmed by the drive to mate.

Mordacki Loren, shadow sword of House Nightfall, knows the pain of losing a mate. He never intended to take another. But Talena, raised by humans with little knowledge of Cy’ren ways, leaves him no choice. As the mating lust consumes them, Dack promises to honor her wishes—even if that means letting her go.

Scarred and hardened by a munitions accident that sent her Alliance career up in flames, Carmen Hawke joined the Cy’ren resistance as captain of the flagship Talon. When old flame Dack returns from a mission with Carmen’s childhood friend and first love, Talena, in tow, the temptation to allow someone—or two someones—close to her again cracks her emotional armor.

Pursued by an unknown enemy, the trio works together to discover the secrets of Talena’s past, and to uncover a threat that could destroy the fragile peace of the Cy’ren homeworld.

Warning: If the epic space battles, gunfights and swordplay aren’t enough to get you going, strap yourself in for a male-female-female threesome that’s scorching enough to fire your engines into overdrive.


When they reached the docking level, Talena hesitated at the door leading into the terminal. “This is as far as I can take you.”

“Come with me.” Dack placed a hand on her shoulder, and she shied away as though the contact burned.

Tempting, far too tempting. She licked her lips as she resisted the sudden desire to kiss him, stepped back and bumped into the wall behind her. “No. I’m happy here. At least I was, until you showed up. Now go.”

“Don’t you want to be free?”

Talena frowned. He thought she was still a slave? “But I—” she began, but was interrupted by the flare of a laser bolt exploding near them.

“The door,” Dack shouted as he drew his weapon and returned fire.

Talena slapped her palm against the scanner as a volley of bolts hit the walls around them. The door opened and Dack grabbed her arm and hauled her with him as he charged through it. More shots followed as they rushed into the arrival area, and crew and passengers scattered. The door shut and Dack blasted the scanner, jamming the lock and keeping the security team from following.

They hurried on into the terminal and more shots zinged their way, this time from ahead of them. Dack skidded to a halt next to an arrival counter and ducked behind it, pulling Talena down with him.

“Let go of me,” she demanded.

Dack peered around the corner of the counter and jerked back as a bolt scored the floor near him. “Malenson’s between us and my ship.”

“That’s your problem. Let go!”

“I can’t leave you here. They’ll arrest you.”

“You put a gun to my head. I think they’ll understand.”

The computer screen on the counter above them exploded, raining pieces of plastic over them. Dack grimaced. “The Eppes aren’t real understanding.”

Panic gripped Talena, and she struggled to breathe past the fear. He could be right—she didn’t know about this mysterious Eppes group, but the authorities might not care if she was coerced. She’d helped a runner, and now she was as guilty as he was.

“Stay behind me. I’ll clear the path, you get the door. Ready?” he asked.

No, she thought, but she nodded. Better to get it over with before she fainted from terror.

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Abut Robyn:

Robyn Bachar was born and raised in Berwyn, Illinois, and loves all things related to Chicago, from the Cubs to the pizza. It seemed only natural to combine it with her love of fantasy, and tell stories of witches and vampires in the Chicagoland area in her Bad Witch series. As a gamer, Robyn has spent many hours rolling dice, playing rock-paper-scissors, and slaying creatures in MMPORGs. Her new series, Cy’ren Rising, was born out of a lifelong addiction to space opera movies and TV shows.



  1. Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read this "space opera". Thanks for the great post.


  2. I loved Blood, Smoke and Mirrors!! I look forward to reading more of your books in the future!

    1. Thanks! :) If you liked Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, the sequel is out now too:

  3. Thanks for stopping by today, Robyn! Always a pleasure hosting authors with such interesting tales to tell!

  4. Some story you have there! I bet it was a bit of a shock seeing the red hot title ;-) I wish you such good luck!


  5. "almost swooned like a Victorian heroine with a case of consumption" - this just cracked me up. I love how your personality just shines through.


  6. Just popping in to say HI and sorry I missed visiting with you on party day! Hope you all had a good time!

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