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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cowboy Lust-because who doesn't love a hot cowboy?

Cowboys, there’s something about them that conjures up vast stretches of openness, a rugged lonely life, and, if you’re like me, then there were those long Saturday afternoons watching every Western ever made.

One randomly drawn commenter at each stop will win one of the following:

Cowboy Bad Boys (digital) by Randi Alexander
Reader’s Choice of any backlisted ebook by Lissa Matthews
Reader’s Choice of any backlisted ebook by Charlene Teglia during her stop
Reader’s Choice of any backlisted ebook by Cari Quinn (x4)
"I'll show you my e-reader if you show me yours" T-shirt (Large size) from Kimber Vale
Reader’s Choice of any backlisted ebook by Delilah Devlin during her stops (x2)
Signed copies of Cowboy Fever by Delilah Devlin to two winners
Love in Short Order (digital), a romance by Michael Bracken writing as Rolinda Hay
Stud (digital), an erotic romance by Michael Bracken writing as Rolinda Hay

Plus one randomly drawn commenter will win a $50 Amazon GC grand prize.

Today's featured story is
Banging the Cowboy by Randi Alexander

So what is it that continues to draw us to cowboys?

Thanks for having me here today, Kristabel. I love cowboys because they're the quintessential gentlemen. They tip their hat, stand when a woman comes into the room, and protect anything weaker than themselves, be it human or animal. Their lives fascinate us. A wrangler calming a wild mustang with only his voice, a cowpoke sitting his horse and guarding the herd on a cold winter night, a bull rider just about to lower himself onto the back of a Brahma bull. We want to know more about them, and romantic fiction is the best way to immerse ourselves in their lives.

There are 15 authors in this anthology, what drew them to write their stories? A love of cowboys obviously, but what else?
For me, the chance to work with the amazing Delilah Devlin was too good to pass up. She's a wonderful writer as well as an inspired editor. Also, the fun of writing erotic romance cowboy style. Cowboys are just naturally erotic, with their ropes and whips, their calloused hands and hard bodies. They're men with take-charge attitudes, in and out of the bedroom, and when they meet their match in a strong-willed woman, it's the Fourth of July fireworks grand finale. And we wanna watch!

Talk to me about the anthology—I want to know more! And then I want to know if there’s another cowboy book coming soon.

There hasn't yet been a call for submissions yet for Cowboy Lust 2, but I'm hoping! I do have a few of my own cowboy books available. I'd love for you to check them out on my website.
The authors in the Cowboy Lust anthology and their stories are:

Cari Quinn-Riding Double
Cheyenne Blue-Under the Southern Cross
Cat Johnson-Ladies Love Country Boys
Michael Bracken-Drought
Charlene Teglia-Roped
M. Marie-R
ough Stock
Sedona Fox-The Ranch Hand
Lissa Matthews-Small Town Famous
Tahira Iqbal-The Storm
Nena Clements-Caught Unawares
Kimber Vale-Some Like It Dirty
Delilah Devlin-Runaway Bride
Anna Meadows-She Don’t Stay The Night

Hope you enjoy our fifteen sexy cowboys!

Randi "Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"

Find all my books at

Cowboy Lust is available now in Kindle format and paperback at Amazon
These cowboys ride hard...

There's a reason Western romance novels never go out of fashion. The cowboy is an iconic figure embodying the dichotomy of the fiercely independent, earthy alpha male crossed with the male as a nurturer and protector. Cowboys take care of their women in every possible way. Wild and wayward women are gentled by the scent of horse and cow and the sight of sun-kissed skin, the feel of work-hardened thighs and arms, and the sound of a deep-voiced Texas drawl.

Contributors at the top of the Western romance genre, including Charlene Teglia, Randi Alexander, Cat Johnson, and editor, Delilah Devlin, have corralled strong and memorable characters ranging from ranch hands to cattle barons, to a rodeo star and a feisty female gunslinger. Traversing romantic settings from Montana, Texas, California, Mexico, and the Outback of Australia, the stories in Cowboy Lust are risky and risqué, full of studs in spurs hot enough to send you to a vacation on a dude ranch!

Featured story: Banging the Cowboy by Randi Alexander

Every Saturday for a year, Annie Paris has lusted after Rafe McCord from behind her drumset on stage at the honky tonk. The Big Cowboy, they call him, and rumors say he likes it rough in the bedroom. The thought of banging him makes Annie's pussy tingle and cream.
But Rafe is a one-night-stand kind of guy, and Annie couldn't handle seeing him every Saturday, knowing she'd already had her one night with him. That there'd be no more.

Tonight, something's different. Rafe doesn't leave with a woman. And he's been staring at Annie since he came in the door. At closing time, he sets his longneck on the bar, and swaggers toward her, his gaze locked on hers, his smile pure sexual invitation. Annie's slit contracts and her nipples harden. Oh, God, if he asks her to his house for a rough ride on his big, hard cock, where would she find the strength to say "no"?

Annie folded the legs on her throne and set it aside, and started unscrewing the wing nut holding her ride symbol on its stand but stopped, sensing someone behind her. She turned and nearly tripped on the base drum pedal. “Rafe?”
Standing this close, she could see the faint scar that slashed his cheek, and smell his aftershave, dark and mysterious. Just like him. Then his lips curved into a seductive grin, making her insides shimmy, amping up her desire until it was painful to keep from touching him.
“So. You’re single and rich, huh?”
She blinked a few times.
He bent and picked up her throne, then grabbed her floor tom. “Your van’s out back?”
She nodded, amazed that he was helping, but even more so that he knew she had a van, and where she parked it.
Another stunned-speechless nod from her.
He gave a quiet laugh and walked off, his heavy thighs bunching as he went down the steps, his boots thudding heavily on the wood. And all she could do was stare at his ass.
She unfastened everything and picked up the bass drum just as he came back.

He took it, and as their fingers brushed, their gazes locked. His nostrils flared and she imagined him doing the same thing as he moved his head between her spread thighs, looking at her over her mound as he breathed deep of her woman scent. His lips would open and his tongue would find her secret place, exploring, licking, and kissing. “Oh, yes.”

“Yes?” he said with a wily grin.
Had she just moaned that out loud?
AUTHOR Bio and Links:

When she’s not dreaming of, or writing about, kinky cowboys, she’s biking trails along remote rivers, snorkeling the Gulf of Mexico, or practicing her drumming in hopes of someday forming a tropical-rock band.

Romance novels have been Randi’s hideout since she was a teen. The chance to imagine herself as the strong but vulnerable heroine, and the guarantee of a “Happily Ever After” ending, have always been irresistible.

Erotic romance is her newest passion. It still lets her live the heroine’s life and gives her a lovely ending, but also allows her to witness the attraction between the characters as they explore physical love. She hopes her writing sweeps you away and grants you pleasant dreams of all your fantasies coming true.

EDITOR Bio and Links:

Delilah Devlin is an award-winning author of erotic romance with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing edgy stories with complex characters. Ms. Devlin has published over a hundred stories in multiple sub-genres and lengths with Atria/Strebor, Avon, Berkley, Black Lace, Cleis Press, Ellora’s Cave, Kensington, Kindle, Running Press, and Samhain Publishing.


Buy links for Cowboy Lust:

Barnes and Noble


  1. It's very easy to be drawn to cowboys. I live in a country town & when a Gentleman tips his hat to me, yes they still do, it just makes my day.


    1. Isn't that the best, marybelle? And when they call me "Ma'am" with that low, slow drawl. Just send shivers.

  2. Thank you for hosting Randi and Cowboy Lust today.

    1. Thank you, Goddess Fish, for finding this great blog for me!

    2. Yes, thanks for hosting Randi!! Randi, you behave yourself!

    3. I'll try. Can't promise, though...

    4. There is absolutely no behaving yourself on this blog! I won't hear of it!

  3. What an amazing line up of authors you have for this! Yummy cowboys, Randi that is quite the tease of an excerpt! Thanks Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

    1. Hey, Carin, it is a tease, isn't it? Rafe is one of the sexiest, roughest cowboys I've ever written about. And yes, the authors in this anthology are awesome - I'm honored to be in their presence.

  4. This all sounds totally awesome! I am all about cowboys. Alpha and sensitive..Who could resist?

    1. I'm with you, Allie. Cowboys can be both Alpha and sensitive, which makes them irresistable. Yee-haw!

  5. Oh that was a great excerpt, can't wait to read all these stories. Don't live out west anymore, so have to get my cowboy fix someway!
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

    1. Hope you enjoy the book, Jean. It'll definitely keep you thinking about sexy cowboys. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. A huge thank you to Kristabel for hosting me today. It's a great blog, and I'm having a lovely time chatting with your readers.

    1. I'm so glad you dropped by, Randi! Cowboys...yum

  7. Cowboys are always such gentlemen, and yet they are so very masculine and tough. Love'em.

    1. So true, MomJane. Kind of a quiet strength that makes us catch our breath. *sigh*

  8. The story titles alone bring a big grin to my face. This will be fun!


    1. Yes, I'm laughing, too. We did come up with some creative titles. Of course, to fit in with Cowboy Lust, they had to be a little naughty, too!

  9. These sound like a bunch of good stories.


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I have to admit, I have my copy of the book but haven't read the stories yet. I'm saving them for this weekend's vacation at the lake. Can't wait!

  10. Who doesn't love a cowboy? I don't think it's possible. This book sounds fantastic. That's a great collection of authors. Thanks for the great excerpt.


    1. Hey, Joanne. Yep, gotta love cowboys. When I read for pleasure, I always choose cowboy books. Can't get enought. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

  11. Cowboy Lust is definitely a must read. Randi, your story, Banging The Cowboy, sounds very musty. I am looking forward to reading all the anthologies by all these wonderful authors.

    1. I love that term, Cathy. "Musty." It was a fun one to write. I'm definitely in the company of some incredible authors!

  12. I'm definitely not into "urban cowboys." Real cowboys, hard working, not afraid to get their hands dirty, and who know how to treat a lady....those kind of cowboys are lovely.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  13. I got my copy today.I can't wait to read about all these delicious cowboys.

  14. Gotta love cowboys and this anthology just plain sounds awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  15. Thanks for sharing,I enjoyed reading the post. :)

  16. Not sure if it was because I am here a day after the post but there seems to be alot missing from the post. But a cowboy anthology would be great for that Saturday afternoon. I used to watch my favorite John Wayne on Sat. and Sun.
    seawitchreviews @

    1. You're right, there was some oddness with the post, which makes no sense as it WAS there! Looks like I fixed it, hopefully it'll stay fixed.

  17. Wow that is a lot of cowboy in one place. Can't wait to "meet" all of them :)


  18. Randi would be a new author for me but her story sounds great.

  19. Hey there!

    I'm here to announce a winner!

    Cowboy Bad Boys (digital) by Randi Alexander goes to bn100 [bn100candg(at)hotmail(dot)com]