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Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Recipe: Parmesan Chicken

Anything that cooks in the crockpot and I can make in advance with very little work I'm all for! This one is delicious. To be fair, I don't like mushrooms or cream of mushroom soup but it does add a tasty flavor to the chicken.

Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 5 Hours
Ready In: 5 Hours 10 Minutes
Servings: 6
6 tablespoons butter
1 (1 ounce) package dry onion soup mix
1 cup converted long-grain white rice
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese for
6 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
1 1/2 cups milk
2 (10.75 ounce) cans condensed cream
of mushroom soup
salt to taste
ground black pepper to taste
1. Mix together onion soup mix, milk, cream of mushroom soup, and rice in a medium bowl.
2. Lay chicken breasts in the bottom of a lightly greased slow cooker. Place one tablespoon margarine on each chicken breast and pour soup mixture over all. Season with salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.
3. Cook on Low for 8 to 10 hours, or on High for 4 to 6 hours.

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