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Thursday, January 24, 2013

@ReadingRomances ##HEGIVEAWAY 6 YOUR happy ending!

Now that the Happy Endings Blog Hop is winding down, I want to know about your happy ending! It doesn't have to be romantic, it can be anything that ends happily. Reader's choice!

Happy endings romance giveaway hop


Tell your happy ending story!

The Happy Endings Giveaway Hop was organized by Reading Romances!
What you can win here: $10 electronic gift card to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble and a copy of Seduction of my Proper Wife: A Victorian Menage at the Parisian Exposition
Number of winners: 2
Open to (INT, US or US/CAN): If you can receive an e-gift card then you can enter!
How to enter: Leave a comment on how you've ever been tricked into thinking a book was a romance with a Happy Ending. If you decide to follow this blog or me on Twitter, you get extra entries in the gift card pot.


  1. Hi!

    Never been tricked, thankfully. I try to read the blurb before getting a book --

    But it would be an interesting exercise to discover a romance story that doesn't have a happy ending. (I wonder if they exist. ^_^)

    (I follow your blog via GFC)

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  2. I've never been tricked by a book- I'm pretty good at picking up on the clues (and, honestly, I like depressing endings so I guess that wouldn't be so bad).

    I follow via GFC- Kirsten!


  3. I recently read a book that I thought was going to be a happily ever after type of romance. I was extremely excited about the book when I first started reading but then had my heart ripped out when the guy in the story was killed in a car crash leaving his fiance (pregnant) to try and move on with her life. I was depressed for two days after reading that book.
    GFC Follower: uilani25

  4. Just had a happy ending this week..A doggy found his way into our yard. Once we located the owners, they indicated they didn't want him. So we are now the proud family of Koko.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  5. Sometimes a cover can be deceptive.