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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year,series' goals, and thank you

Since I'm having a party at my house for New Year's Eve I figured I'd write this blog before then. Because I know I'll be in no shape for January 1, 2013 to wish anyone anything unless it's to wish for someone to take the puppy out tomorrow morning. (Any volunteers?)

A happy, healthy, warm, and loving New Year to everyone. Life is what you make it and I hope everyone has positive energy surrounding them this new year. Say it with me now: 2013 is going to be the best year ever! (Ugh, did I just sound like a cheerleader there?)

Thank you to everyone who have made blogging fun, not a chore, and who keep me always thinking about my next story. I enjoy the interaction with my readers and hope you have as well. Keep safe!

Writing wise, I have a lot planned for the upcoming year! A whole lot:
  • I want to finish my Parisian Exposition series-this is a 6 book series, one for every month of the 1889 World's Fair. Book one (Seduction of my Proper Wife) is finished, and book 2 (Wicked Seduction) is so close I know I can finish it in a couple of uninterrupted days. If I can find those uninterrupted days!
  • I have an Edwardian story I want to get back to, the tentatively-titled The Half-Bred Earl.
  • A Wicked Demon Story series--I still have to finish editing book one: Cursed Love. Originally it was to be a Halloween story, but when the idea strikes on September 30 it's not very feasible to publish it on October 31. This trilogy is also a little different, my m/f couple battling ancient demons. I'll post the blurb next week.
  • Book one of The Havenbrook Menage series is flowing beautifully. Forbidden Road is my twist on the small town series so popular. I like the small town romances, but they're often a little too sweet for me! More on this series to come
  • Last but certainly never least, Regency romances. Let's face facts, it's the lack of the death of the Regency! I want to write another trilogy set during this time but haven't quite hit on what yet. I like the idea of the menages there, so much scandalous wickedness hidden in plain sight. We'll see how the year goes.

Also on my 2013 goal list:
  • Take more time for myself
  • Exercise every day. Even when I'm tired. Yes, even then!
  • Spend several weekends this year not writing but out and about, meeting new people and experiencing new things.

What about you? What are your so-called New Year's Resolutions?

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