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Monday, January 21, 2013

@ReadingRomances #HappyEndings 3 Have you ever read...

Have you ever read a romance that didn't have a happy ending? I did and it was awful! I mean to the point I can tell you, years after the fact, the plot in excruciating detail. To me, the entire point of a romance is the Happy Ever After at the end of the book. You stick with the hero and heroine through thick and thin, sex and black moments, and at the end they're supposed to be happy together, ride into the sunset, etc., etc., etc.


I really wish I could wipe the entire experience from my mind, frankly.

Without giving away the author (I'm only partly sure about it anyway) or the title (forget it, I suck at remembering titles!) the basic plot over a 2 book arc involved the woman, falling in love with the hero, leaving Ireland during the late 1800s for America. Happily Every After in book one, sweet! Grabbed book 2 and after all this time (it's been years!) I can't remember if I grabbed it without reading the blurb or I did so assuming the second book was about the hero's best friend and his romance.

Oh, it was alright! Hero from book 1 died in the first page! Yet somehow, for reasons I have forever regretted, I continued reading. To be fair, there was no Internet then, not like now, and no place to research this book before I spent money on it.

Sure, book 1 had a HEA but the author completely ruined it with book 2 and killing off the hero to have the heroine marry the BF and live Happily Ever After with him. NOT the story I signed up to read!

Have you ever been tricked like that? Read a book with what you thought was going to be a happy ending only to discover it wasn't?
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  1. I have to admit, I haven't had this happen with a book, but I have gone into movies where I was expecting one thing and got something completely different. Not a great feeling.
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  2. I don't think this has ever happened to me. Most books make it pretty clear if they're going to have a happy ending, so I'm rarely surprised with something terrible- like all the characters dying at the end :/

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  3. Sometimes the covers are deceiving. I should have looked further.

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  4. I've been tricked by covers before and blurbs. One notable instant was a one star review I wrote on it (and I will not deign to name it and give it publicity). But basically, it was supposed to be a happy m/m romance (and the blurb made it sound like it'd be a happy m/m/m romance! Even better!) And then a sister entered the picture, threw everything off and stole one of the men. And then the other two got a kind of HFN ending. WTF?! That is not what I paid for or wanted to read. I was very upset and now refuse to read any of that author's work ever again.

    The other time I was tricked, I loved the blurb and wanted to read it, but I didn't see the note that it was a Bittersweet Romance. So, no HEA for me, though that one was my fault for not paying closer attention.

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