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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

@ReadingRomances #HappyEndings 5 HEA in a menage

How do you find the logical happy ending for a menage? I write historicals, and while there is a better understanding for people living with each other, when one of them gets married what do you do? How many times can the lonely friend move in with the happy couple?

Money is a good excuse, but how often can that be the reason?

In a contemporary? Forget it, tongues will wag! But it's important for all three people in the menage to find happiness, contentment, and sexual gratification. Traveling, even between apartments or houses, gets old. Fast. They all have to (and want to!) live together.

Once I wanted to make a secret entrance between adjoining townhouses, but I never wrote it in. You have to be inventive! In Seduction of a Proper Lady, I gave one of the heroes the cover story that he'd been horribly injured in the Napoleonic Wars rendering him a eunuch. He lived with the captain and best friend he'd saved, and everyone praised the BFF for taking in the wounded warrior. Of course he didn't have a scratch, but it was a hell of an excuse!

What's a creative way you'd have a menage living together in both an historical and a contemporary?

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  1. I've never been tricked by a book- I'm pretty good at picking up on the clues (and, honestly, I like depressing endings so I guess that wouldn't be so bad).

    I follow via GFC- Kirsten!


  2. Sometimes a cover can be deceptive.

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