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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Downton Abbey

Well the season 2 or Series 2 finale of Downton Abbey has aired here in the US (last week but still) and Mary and Matthew have found their way to each other. It has been quite a circuitous route for them but there it is the happy ever after – at least for the moment.

I must applaud the writers of Downton for not making Lavinia the ‘evil’ fiancée. She was a perfectly lovely, suitable mate for Matthew. Sir Richard Carlisle was more along the lines of the unsuitable mate for Mary but even he wasn’t as bad as they could have made him. I believe Sir Richard actually had deep feelings for Mary but she was incapable of returning them because her heart had already been firmly planted in Matthew’s garden.

My one gripe is that they chose to speed time along quite briskly! There could have been many more stories told during the war and all that happened could also have happened while the war raged in the background. I hope that the third season or series 3 moves time along with a bit more ease. As it stand we will start in 1920 at least – and now they’ll have to change fashions radically and move away from the Edwardian flare the show is so rich in.

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