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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Regency

What fascinates us with the time period? With the Bon Ton? Is it the societal rules? Or simply the allure of privilege? Privilege then and now has usually been alluring and fascinating to most people. How to they acquire it? How do they live within it?

Just like today with the rich and famous, fascination with their lives is endless. How many websites and TV shows are devoted to gossip about celebrities and would-be celebrities?

We want to know if Brad Pitt has white couches (with 6 kids, probably not). Or if George Clooney has a Bentley in his garage (we know he has a motorcycle license at least). But during the Regency, it was all about who acquired the most coveted invitation to Almanacks or jostled for position during presentation at court or purchased a necklace from the royal jewelers.

The difference--or similarity depending on how you look at it--everyone know what you did and what you had, and when you acquired it.

What objects of gossip would you like to see in a book? Because scandal makes the best stories.

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