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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Regency: Dowton Abby (again)

I know, I know, not Regency. What was I supposed to call my Wednesday post? Wednesday Non-Regency? Well, perhaps. I suppose I can change it but still. Thematic and all.

Still, after watching a couple episodes (I'll write them up in a later post) I know why Downton Abby is so darn popular. That and I read this article a friend sent me from the BBC on The US Cult of Downton Abby.

  • Nothing's changed in terms of mannerism or social interaction since the ever-popular Regency period.

  • The drama is as real today as it was 100 years ago as it was 200 years ago. Let's face it, human interaction is always fascenating especially if done right and Downton Abby does it right!

  • The clothes are gorgeous and worn very well. Not everyone can pull off period dress!

More when I start writing up my thoughts on this series.

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  1. I like the witty dialogue, especially if it involves cyprians, demireps, mistresses and other sex workers and how they are (ab)used by the upper classes (and eventually bring scandal to them). I guess it's my background that gives me an affinity to these types of characters (I also like Dicken's themes of social injustice, too).
    Looking forward to your take on Dowton. I watched it a little (in a noisy bar I work at, no less) and couldn't figure it out. But I did like the costumes, settings, etc.

  2. I really enjoyed it! I have a couple blogs coming up commenting on it but I loved season 1. I'm a little putt off with season 2 and the great leap of time, but it's still very interesting. The costumes are great, the dialogue is biting and witty, and the characters are like any character written in an historical or contemporary. Take out the cosutmes and it could be anything.

    It's really a great epic drama.