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Monday, June 18, 2012

Goals 24 and house cleaning

I took a few days off to make a long weekend and feel so accomplished I need to shout it out.

  • Almost finished my new m/m Hellfire Club Erotique story and titled it! The Devil's Pawn: A Hellfire Club Erotique.
  • Also did the blurb for it!
  • Will be sending it off to my editor within the next 2 weeks, then the book converter as soon as I get the edits back, so hopefully it'll be out by the end of July!
  • Made an Olympic cake out of cupcakes (see not too bad picture of it to the right!) for a Father's Day Extravaganza.
  • Cleaned. And cleaned and cleaned! I cleaned so much, my house now looks like I'm ready to show it to potential buyers (I'm not which is a shame, because it looks beautiful!)

  • Organized my office area. Technically I suppose I could lump it in with cleaning but the office area is a special place for unfilled papers, potential shredding or filing of papers depending on how long they've sat around, pieces of writing ideas, and other misc. junk.
I do love working in a clean space. (It's the cleaning I do in spurts!) What does your office or other working space look like?


  1. Definitely have to agree with you there! Clean office makes it so much easier to be creative!

  2. Oh Good Lord; I feel ashamed now! The rest of my house is immaculate. Ish. Visitors might see my living room, kitchen or bathroom, so I keep them in tip-top shape. My office, on the other hand, is a no-go area for everyone except me, so I kinda get...lax...about dusting, hoovering, organising... Which isn't like me at all. Perhaps I'm marking my territory? It looks like an explosion in a bookshop here. My desk is tidy -- a coffee mug with pens in it, my Kindle, a paperback and the laptop. That's it.

    Important things such as my passport and birth certificate, are kept in my SUPERSEKRIT SPESHUL FOLDER so I know what to grab if my house burns down, but the bookcases, crates, heck, the floor? All covered in books.

  3. Well done!! I'm totally jealous :) my office totally needs to be cleaned out. The piles and piles of papers are taking over. The Olympic cupcake cake is pretty cute too

  4. I can't vouch for the kitchen...or the dining room table. But the office? Beautiful!