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Thursday, June 21, 2012

New erotic series

Erotic or erotica? Erotic romance? Either way, it's got sex and it's got romance. And a Happily Ever After. So definitely romance.

This new trilogy will be a Regency series, but this time all m/f. Well...there might be a bit of a hint of a threesome, but no actual ménage scenes. I have another trilogy sketched out that is also Regency this time definitely a ménage trilogy.

In going with the question of Tuesday: Do you prefer a trilogy with all the same romace couples/threesomes? Or does it not matter if all the stories are linked?


  1. Sounds exciting, Kristabel!
    I can honestly say that if the story is great, I will read either. I do prefer different couples' books linked together in a series unless the books with the same couple are released close together. Either way, I look forward to hearing more about them! :)

  2. Good to know, thanks Tina! I like the same couple's story released close together, too, so I don't forget (or lose interest!) in what's happening with them. ;)