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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Regency: law

A few weeks ago I did a post on Law in the Regency and referenced Garrow's Law (BBC). I used much of what I learned for the 3rd in my Hellfire Club Erotique series, Aycliff's Vow. I wanted to use more, but didn't want to bore.

What I didn't see in Garrow' Law, but added to the story, was about the newspaper. The scandal sheets of the day were much like, and often worse than, our tabloids today. In fact, I'd say the scandal sheets were almost like the websites so prevalent today, the ones where every lurid detail about celebrities can be learned.

So while I did take a little liberty with having the newspaper men standing before Aycliff's house, following him, hounding him for quotes, I'm fully confident that humanity has not changed in 200+ years, that scandal sells no matter the time, and that if one paper could scoop another (whether or not that term was in use then) that paper would no matter the lengths it had to go through.

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