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Monday, June 11, 2012

Insight and Oh yeah Weekly Goals 23

I've come to the conclusion that having a weekly goal sucks. Which is a complete turnaround for me, as I'm a creature of goals. I like making short goal lists every day (even if only mental lists) because then I'm assured of completing them. It's worked for me for years, and I always feel very accomplished:

  • Goals/checklists help keep things in perspective

  • They are useful in separating the What do I do first? from that overwhelming feeling of looking around.

  • They cut down on the sitting on the couch feeling of helplessness and/or laziness that often happens after work.

  • I like lists! I admit it, I'm one of those people who do. I can't help it, I have lists for everything, all filed in appropriate places based on what they're for (writing, day job, house, etc.).

All this leads me to also say that despite my OCD tendancies, there are times when that list should be torn to shreds, those goals left for another day, the checklist ignored. This week is one of them!

Because in the infamous words of Scarlet O'Hara, Tomorrow is another day!


  1. That stinks. I am not a list maker (at least I don't think-lol), so I don't know how you feel on a regular basis. Good luck the rest of the week. Who knows, maybe you will accomplish more.

  2. Tina, I think sometimes you just have to take a step back and breathe. This is my week to do so. :)