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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Hop Day 2

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What grabs your attention first? Title or cover? Do you buy a book based soley on the blurb or do you read the excerpt/chapter 1?

Me, the title has to be enticing, the cover, not so much. I've been burned by shiny covers before and no longer buy based only on that and the blurb. I do read the blurbs, but also the first page or two of chapter one.

Been burned by that, too--the blurb promises X and I get Y and Z instead. Which is why I try to keep my blurbs as honest as possible.

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  1. What usually catches my attention is the cover and then the blurb on the back. If I'm in a store and see it on the shelf, I don't read an excerpt or the 1st chapter but if it's online, I like to read the excerpt of the 1st chapter and reviews if they have some.
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    Jessica B

  2. That's funny, Jessica, I never thought about it that way but I agree! In a book store, I'm more inclined to read the blurb, perhaps a couple pages from chapter one then either buy or not. But online, I check reviews, look at the author's site, etc.