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Monday, September 19, 2011

What to talk about

Last week I read a post by Bob Mayer (a man who seems to have his plate overly full but still manages to find time to share with the rest of us). In his article, he offered several tips on writing, reading, and other related things.

If you're interested, his blog is full of great stuff. But one of the things he mentioned was: 99.5% of indie/self-published authors will be gone in two years.  Other will take their place.  And be gone in two years.

Huh. Really? Does this mean I have only one more year before I'm gone? Nope. I'm going to be in that 0.5% that lasts longer and have a plan to do so. To be fair, I never expected to be a bestseller able to retire with my first book. Or first 20 for that matter. Best seller lists don't exactly like what I write and I'm okay with that.

I'll continue to write what I enjoy, making sure each story is well researched, tightly written, and thoroughly edited.

Reading now: We Are Not Alone The Writer's Guide to Social Media eBook

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