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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Hop Day 7: Excerpt from Killer Valentine

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First I want to take today and thank all those who responded to the 9/11 attacks. You're far more important than the so-called dignitaries invited to the 10th anniversary. Personally I think you should have been invited before any one of the politicians. Second, I want to thank our armed forces personnel for serving and protecting my country. Regardless of what you think of the war, you should think of and thank the service men and women who fight it.

Now then, onto the excerpts! Today it's from my novella, Killer Valentine. This is part of the Never Too Many Valentines anthology. an FBI team hunts a serial killer in Colorado when all they'd rather be doing is enjoying each other for Valentine's Day.

My plan for this threesome is to continue their story in two more full-lengths. But with my historical ménage series, that probably won't happen soon. Pity, because I really love the characters and enjoyed writing them. But then darkness and obsession are great things to read and write.

He could have lost them.

That was the only thought that occupied his mind on the drive up to the cabin. The only thought as he had raced up the side of that hill. He’d never before felt such need: to have these two nearby, to keep them in his constant control.

He didn’t like his orders disobeyed, it was a simple fact of his life he’d grown used to. He’d run enough teams to expect complete professional compliance with his directives. Demanded it from his people.

With Tony and Sophie, it went beyond compliance.
Oh, Jareth knew perfectly well they were more than capable agents; they could handle just about anything they came across. Neither of them would have been assigned to his team if they hadn’t been that capable and more.

The door slammed closed, Tony probably, and Jareth turned. But the anger, the fear, he’d felt when he heard the gunshots refused to leave him.

“Upstairs, now!” he ordered tersely. “Strip. Do not touch each other.”

Tony offered him a knowing smirk, but Sophie. … His firebrand southern belle, raised one perfect eyebrow, her dark eyes sparking with defiant passion.

Jareth knew she was wet, knew she had been since the ride back from the mountainside with their prisoner when Tony couldn’t keep his hands off her. She’d been a good girl then, stifling her moans even when Tony had unbuttoned her jeans to feel her smooth pussy.

Shaking his head once, Jareth glared at them.

Taking the hint, Tony took Sophie’s arms and propelled her upstairs. “Do it, Sophie,” Tony said in a hard compelling voice. “Just give in to his commands. Accept it.”

Sophie wisely chose to remain silent.

Jareth watched them climb the stairs and disappear into the bedroom. It was a losing battle with his own Dom. Never before had he felt so commanding, so dominant over another. In his work, yes. But never with a lover. Everything with them was different.

Reigning in his temper, Jareth opened the door and waited while the rest of his team entered. He barely glanced inside, he didn’t care what the decor looked like, only that the bed was adequate, the shower large enough for two if not three, and the kitchen well stocked, as he had requested.

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  1. Book sounds awesome!! I'd love a chance to win one!!