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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blog Hop Day 3

Coffee Beans & Love Scenes Ten Days of Giveaways
Winner from Day 2: Jessica! What's your choice of stories?

I find myself enjoying this blog hop. Meeting fun new people and having fun myself. So what shall we talk about today?

Short or long? Mind in the gutter already? Perfect. But I mean stories. Do you prefer shorts or full-lengths? Lots of details or just enough to know your time period?

I like both-shorts are a great way to find a new author or for a quick read while you stalk your next book. I also like detail--not overly long literary paragraphs, mind you, just a tad more than skimming over details. I like to know what the house looks like, the time frame, the outside world.

You're part: follow my blog and comment on each post to enter the daily drawing for a free download of one of my stories. (You must do both to enter, but following once is perfectly acceptable.)
My part: Post short fun little blogs for you to comment on and give away one free download, winner's choice, of any of my stories.

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  1. I enjoy both long and short. There are some short stories that I love (one that pops into my mind is Lora Leigh's the Breed Next Door or the author Amber Kell). But both the long and the short ones can have drawbacks. Some of the longer ones might have too many details or be too drawn out and loses my attention. Some of the shorter ones might not provide enough information or details and you might be stuck thinking what's going on. Another factor might be time. If you've only got 15 to an hour between classes, do you really want to start a long book and be thinking about it during your next class because you didn't finish it or would you rather a short book and not be thinking about it so much because you did finish reading (or listening) to it? But I have to say, I do read more/purchase more of the longer (full length) stories and seem to drift to them a little bit more.
    I'm a GFC follower.
    jessangil at gmail dot com
    Jessica B

  2. That's the thing, it is a fine line. Sure I may like the longer stories, but do I really have time to get into a longer story during, say, my lunch hour?