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Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog Hop Day 8: Titles

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Titles. They're the life blood of a story. Do you click on the link if the title sounds ridiculous? Of course not (unless it's morbid curiosity). The title is the first thing to catch your eye (well I suppose the cover, too, but covers can be misleading!)

It should be evocative of the story and yet catchy enough to keep your interest to turn the book over (figuratively speaking) or scroll down to read the back-of-the-book blurb.

Imagine Gone With the Wind titled Scarlett...oh wait, bad example. As anyone who read Scarlett would know. Let's not go there. OK, how about Pride & Prejudice? Would it have lasted if it was titled Miss Elizabeth Bennett's Prejudice? Um, no.

I started my latest story knowing the plot but thinking it would go in a different direction. Risqué made a lot of sense when a Regency heroine puts her reputation on the line for sexual pleasure and that abiding romantic love.

However, that's not how the story went. My intentions were there, but the characters, Alexandria, Kane, and Brent, had other ideas and hijacked the story to their own ends. It's now titled Games of Pleasure, with rake verses rake in a game for the highest stakes-love.
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